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Independent Care Systems (ICS) to Withdraw as a Managed Long Term Care Plan

Our clients who have ICS as their managed long term care provider in New York State have received notice that ICS is no longer going to be participate in that program. A copy of one of these letters is linked here: Independent Care System Notice.

Clients need to assess their situation and determine if they want to change their Managed Long Term Care Plan’s now or wait for the State to assign them another MLTC.  » Read More

Joseph Klein Esquire, Panel Expert – Boro Park Jewish Community Center Council Event

On Sunday, January 6th, Joseph Klein Esquire was a panel expert at a seminar that took place at the Boro Park Jewish Community Center Council. The seminar was for seniors searching for guidance on government programs that are available to them.

For more information about the event, please follow the link to the article:  » Read More

Michael Korsinsky, Esq. Received the Lev V’Nefesh Award

On December 15, 2018, Michael Korsinsky, Esq. received the Lev V’Nefesh award and a Citation of Honor from the New York City Council at the 66th annual dinner of the Guardians of the Sick in Brooklyn, NY. The event was attended by various public officials as well as community leaders.  » Read More

Supreme Court of New York Reverses Ruling Concerning a Descendants’ Assets

On November 14, 2018, in Re Blango, the Supreme Court of New York, Appellate Division, Second Department, reversed a ruling by the Surrogates’ Court that voided two deeds that transferred their interests concerning a descendants’ assets. Michael Korsinsky, Esq. successfully showed that his client’s grantors were actually the descendants’ distributees and the deeds were properly executed. The deeds would validly convey those distributees’  » Read More

Korsinsky and Klein, LLP Opens Lakewood New Jersey Office

November 1, 2018, Korsinsky and Klein, LLP opened its Lakewood New Jersey office. Previously, the firm had their offices in northern New Jersey. This new location is more centrally located in New Jersey, providing their clients quicker access to their attorneys. We look forward to meeting you at our new location.  » Read More