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Michael Korsinsky Talks to NY Daily News

The New York Daily News recently spoke to attorney Michael Korsinsky about a 30-day survivorship clause at the center of a legal battle over a multimillion-dollar inheritance. A Manhattan judge ruled that Jill Morris’ fortune should go to charity instead of the daughter of the deceased’s long-time partner Joan Anderson, who died 12 days after Morris.  » Read More

GuildNet Class Action Lawsuit Update

GuildNet, Inc. previously provided Medicaid Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) insurance coverage to several thousand patients in New York. GuildNet closed abruptly in 2017, forcing many patients to transition to another healthcare plan, putting them at risk for a reduction in care hours.

On August 8, 2019, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York certified a class action for the following class:

  • Medicaid recipients enrolled in the GuildNet managed long-term care plans in Suffolk County,
  •  » Read More

Michael Korsinsky, Esq. – Israel America Foundation, May 30, 2019

Michael Korsinsky, Esq. was the leading lecturer at the Israel America Foundation “Estate and Financial Planning Seminar” on May 30, 2019, the event was attended by many seniors. They seniors learned about the need of advanced directives and ways to avoid the need for guardianships and a general understanding of Medicaid and Estate Planning. Other speakers at this event were health care industry professionals including nurses and social workers.  » Read More

Michael Korsinsky Featured in Jewish Echo Magazine

Founding Partner of Korsinsky & Klein LLP, Michael Korsinsky is featured in the newest issue of The Jewish Echo Magazine.

He is discussing “Death and Taxes” and talks about having the right representation and experience when planning for the future. He says “proper planning not only protects assets, but literally can affect end of life issues.”  » Read More