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Independent Care Systems (ICS) to Withdraw as a Managed Long Term Care Plan

January 15, 2019

Our clients who have ICS as their managed long term care provider in New York State have received notice that ICS is no longer going to be participate in that program. A copy of one of these letters is linked here: Independent Care System Notice.

Clients need to assess their situation and determine if they want to change their Managed Long Term Care Plan’s now or wait for the State to assign them another MLTC. Pursuant to the letter, Independent Care Systems is likely going to terminate their participation around April 1, 2019. ICS also states that the new MLTC will be required to continue to provide the same services for at least one year after the changeover.

If you change to another MLTC voluntary, you will only guaranteed the current services for 120 days. This is not the first time a company as withdrawn from the MLTC Program. In the past, it has resulted in the new MLTC reducing services for clients. Those that are being serviced by ICS should carefully watch for any notices in the mail changing or reducing services and take timely action to protect their interests.

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