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At Korsinsky & Klein LLP, we represent both employers and employees, primarily in New York and New Jersey, in a wide variety of employment-related matters. We help our clients resolve their problems in connection with employee hiring, noncompete agreements, structuring termination/separation arrangements and preparing/revising employee handbooks. We advise our clients on a full range of employment issues.

Additionally, we have extensive experience representing employers and employees in all aspects of employment litigation matters in federal and state courts, including wrongful termination, breach of contract matters (e.g., employment agreements, confidentiality and severance agreements), discrimination claims (including age, gender, race, national origin, etc.), breaches/enforcement of restrictive covenants (noncompetition agreements, nonsolicitation agreements), tortious interference, labor law violations, etc.

Representing/Advising Employers

Our employer clients consult with us to set up practices to avoid litigation by establishing proper employment policies, drafting termination/severance agreements, and preparing and revising employee handbooks. While we try to avoid litigation, when it becomes necessary, we represent our clients in state and federal courts and in arbitrations as well as before the New York State Division of Human Rights. We have handled a wide range of issues in federal and state courts and arbitrations including harassment and discrimination, breach of employment contract, wage laws, leave issues, etc.

Representing/Advising Employees

There are many ways in which someone can infringe on employee rights. Common employment law issues we handle are:

  • Breach of employment contract
  • Discrimination: When an employer behaves adversely because of your race, gender, age, sexuality or other reasons
  • Harassment issues
  • Severance negotiations
  • Retaliation: When an employer or colleague takes action against you for reasons such as reporting them or requesting time off
  • Whistleblower: An employee who has legal protection while reporting illegal or unsafe practices at their place of employment

While it usually is ideal to avoid taking these matters to court, sometimes, it is in the employee’s best interest to do so. When things turn tough and head into a courtroom, we are prepared to put up the best possible fight for you.

Protect Your Rights Today

If you are an employer that is faced with a claim from an employee or are concerned about a potential employee claim, or if you are an employee that suspects that an employer or colleague has infringed on your rights as an employee, contact our Brooklyn office today Call us at 212-257-0199 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation with us today.

We care for our clients and dedicate ourselves to providing you with the best possible outcome. For a lawyer whom you can trust to put your needs first, do not wait another day to reach out to our office.