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Taking Care Of Your Future Medical Needs Starts Today

The cost of long-term care could potentially wipe out a lifetime of savings and hard work. Some elderly citizens are fortunate enough to qualify for other long-term care options, including insurance. Although some insurance plans provide temporary health care solutions, costly deductibles could still put vulnerable elderly citizens in debt.

If you are in need of long-term care and cannot afford the current costs of medical care, you may be eligible for Medicaid. At Korsinsky & Klein LLP, our Elder Law attorneys support individuals and their families as they plan for their future needs and pursue the best possible care. We can help you determine if you’re eligible for Medicaid and then take action, so you can receive the care and treatment that you need. Based in New York City, we represent people throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan, and all five boroughs as well as New Jersey. We also assist nursing home administrators as well.

We can do a Medicaid application for anyone in the state of New York, as well as Medicaid planning for anyone in New York State, not just the five boroughs. If you reside in Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester or other surrounding counties, we will help you, too.

What Is Medicaid?

Medicaid is health insurance for those who can’t afford private coverage. It’s available for those who meet the income/asset qualifications and are disabled or blind. While Medicaid is available to people of any age, our practice focuses on people who are over age 65, are disabled or blind.

Considering the rising health care costs, many seniors cannot afford their own coverage – at least, not without wiping out their life savings. Careful planning can ensure that you qualify for Medicaid without having to spend down all of your assets.

If you are approved for Medicaid, the government program can provide:

  • Routine medical care and health care support
  • Emergency medical care
  • Hospital inpatient and outpatient care
  • Long-term care in a home agency or nursing facility
  • Medical supplies
  • Transportation to and from medical appointments

Medicaid standards for approval have become increasingly restrictive. Your age, income, savings and other factors can quickly disqualify you from obtaining Medicaid benefits. Confusing lookback periods and other restrictions make it essential to plan ahead. You can avoid these issues through appropriate estate plans, Trusts and disability planning. You need to prepare today for your long-term care to prevent unexpected eligibility issues.

Guidance On Your Medicaid Application

The Medicaid application process can be extremely cumbersome. Missteps can result in delays or denials. Our lawyers can help you or your elderly loved one navigate the process to avoid pitfalls. We have successfully obtained coverage on behalf of many New Yorkers. In fact, our lawyers have never had an application they prepared get denied.

Pursuing A Medicaid Fair Hearing For Denials

If your Medicaid coverage or application was denied, you may have grounds to challenge that decision through a Medicaid fair hearing, which is a type of appeal. Our attorneys can work with you to pursue a better outcome. We have a proven track record in this area.

Let Us Help You Get The Treatment And Coverage You Deserve

Medicaid is a complex and confusing program. Our experienced and compassionate attorneys can help you through the application process, navigate “look-back” waiting periods, pursue appeals of Medicaid denials and more.

Call Korsinsky & Klein LLP, today at 212-257-0199 or contact us online to get answers to your Medicaid questions. You deserve the best possible medical treatment and coverage so that you can enjoy a high quality of life.