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Is Guardianship Right For Your Family?

We know that it is never easy to have to deal with a loved one’s disability, but taking proactive steps early on can prevent a world of heartache. If your loved one has suffered reduced capabilities due to illness, disease, age or disability, you may need to consider Guardianship if there is no Power of Attorney or Health Care Proxy in place. Guardianship is the legal process that grants a person the power to make personal, financial and/or health decisions for another person.

Types Of Guardians

A Guardianship petition is filed when an incapacitated person requires assistance in meeting their personal, financial or property management needs. A Guardianship proceeding can be commenced by filing a petition to show the need for Guardianship. Guardians have power over a number of decisions for a loved one. The courts oftentimes rely on private and public entities to serve as Guardians. The different types of Guardians include:

  • Blood-related family members
  • Marriage-related family members
  • Friends or neighbors
  • Community Guardianship Programs, including social services, case management, adult protective services and not-for-profit institutions

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The process of establishing Guardianship begins when a family member or any other interested party petitions the court with a need for a Guardianship of an alleged incapacitated individual. The court determines if the need for a guardian is warranted. If the court finds that an individual is incapacitated, or if the individual consents to the appointment of the guardian, then the court will appoint a guardian by listing the guardian’s duration, rights, powers and duties.

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