Preparing a Health Care Proxy

An important part of planning for the future is to make sure your health care needs will be met. This is something we do not like to think about, but it is important for a number of reasons.

If something happens to your health and you become unable to make health decisions on your own, without a health care proxy you are leaving to chance whether your health will be managed as you like.  » Read More

Eldercare Disability Planning

Many seniors face debilitating disabilities which may ultimately lead to their inability to handle their own financial affairs or make necessary medical or business decisions. To ensure participation in crucial decisions, seniors should consider disability planning as a proactive way to prepare for their future.

Designate a Power of Attorney

Giving legal authority to another person to act on one’s behalf in making financial or medical decisions is one of the most popular forms of eldercare disability planning.  » Read More

Understanding Different Powers of Attorney

When it comes to setting up the right kind of power of attorney (POA), one size does not fit all. They generally fall into two main categories: power of attorney and durable power of attorney. Within each, there are different subcategories.

Choosing the POA that best meets one’s needs requires a basic understanding of how they all work.  » Read More

What to do When Your Medicaid Claim Has Been Denied

Medicaid can help individuals with limited resources to cover medical expenses. Despite its assistance in alleviating some of the stress that often accompanies medical costs, sometimes Medicaid can cause more stress…like when your claim is denied.

There are certain reasons as to why your claim has been denied, and what you can do next to combat it.  » Read More

Power of Attorney Disputes

Power of attorney (POA) documents are an important part of planning for one’s future financial and health care needs and decisions. While a person can give their POA to anyone, they are commonly reserved for close family members.

However, in families where sibling dynamics are especially complicated, disputes over POA can lead to painful fractures.  » Read More

Can Life Insurance Go to the Wrong Beneficiary?

The saying “get your affairs in order” refers to a person’s planning for what happens to their assets after they pass away or lose capacity to make sound decisions. Even so, many people do not have wills or life insurance policies, the two main tools for doing this.

Estate planning is supposed to protect the deceased’s assets for the beneficiaries.  » Read More