Nursing Home Arbitration Agreements Settle Disputes

A recent decision in favor of nursing home arbitration agreements waters down a 2016 protection that had been intended to defend the constitutional rights of nursing home residents. The arbitration agreements, which prohibit residents from seeking to settle disagreements with the care facility through the courts, establish a contract by which residents are bound to resolve any dispute that may arise through an arbiter chosen by the facility.  » Read More

New Tax Form for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens will soon have a new resource for filing their taxes. At the direction of Congress, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently announced plans to release a 1040 form specifically for those aged 65 and older for filing 2019 taxes. Though it is still being finalized, the form will address concerns specific to older Americans, making it easier for them to file accurately.  » Read More

Elderly to Lose Food Stamps

A new policy introduced by the Trump administration threatens to remove food stamp benefits from some of society’s most vulnerable members, notably disadvantaged families and seniors living on fixed incomes. The proposed rule changes will make it harder for recipients of the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as food stamps, to qualify for help to feed themselves and their families.  » Read More

What Should I Expect at a Guardianship Hearing?

As adults grow older, they may reach a point where their health prevents them from properly caring for themselves. Under the Mental Hygiene Act, a guardian can be appointed to help an incapacitated adult manage their affairs and ensure their needs are met. The guardian will be given legal authority to act on the person’s behalf in some matters, and the court oversees this process to make sure it is handled properly to protect the person’s interests.  » Read More

Understanding Medicare for All

Health care is one of the biggest issues currently up for debate among policymakers. There has been discussion of single-payer health care systems and Medicare for All, especially among the Democratic presidential candidates. With so many differing opinions on what type of system would be best for the country, it is helpful to take a step back and examine what Medicare for All would look like.  » Read More

What is Estate Planning with Cryptocurrency?

With cryptocurrencies appearing more in the financial portfolios of tech savvy investors, digital currency, such as BitCoin, is complicating the way people save, invest, and plan for their futures. BitCoin may be the most well-known cryptocurrency, but there are more than 1,000 different types of digital currency available today. They all exist in cyberspace and are regarded by many to be a safer option than many traditional assets.  » Read More