Different Types of Elder Abuse

Even though the issue of elder abuse does not receive a lot of media coverage, it is a significant problem that warrants attention. An AgingCare online forum article shows that four percent of the elderly population is affected by abuse, but the number may be much higher. Experts say that about one in 14 cases of this kind of abuse gets reported.  » Read More

What is a Life Estate?

When a person passes and leaves their assets and property to their heirs, there can be complications in the transfer of those assets, even with a will in place. Most wills are subject to judicial review and must go through probate before they are released, which can delay the process of transferring assets by weeks or even months.  » Read More

Driving Issues With the Elderly

As we age, we become more concerned with the safety of completing daily tasks. Driving is one of those tasks that many seniors rely on to maintain a sense of independence. However, there may be good reason to encourage a senior to give up driving for their own safety. As we age, the skills necessary to drive safely often decline.  » Read More

Stay of Eviction Granted Due to Fair Housing Act

A recent civil court case in New York raises interesting questions about landlord/tenant disputes that are complicated by issues of incapacitation and guardianship. In E & V Acquisition, LLC v Margaret H., a New York landlord sought the eviction of an elderly woman determined to be incapacitated. Concerns about insect and rodent infestations compelled them to seek possession of the apartment and to evict the woman for breaching the stipulation settlement agreed upon with her appointed guardian.  » Read More

How Can I Tell When a Loved One Needs Nursing Home Care?

When you start to notice that your loved one needs greater care than you can provide, you are faced with a difficult choice of whether it is time to place your loved one in a nursing home. For many families who ultimately choose to put their loved one in a nursing home, the decision is a long time coming. It may start with forgetfulness or simple mistakes that can be brushed off,  » Read More

Will Medicare Cover My Dental and Vision Benefits?

Two bills awaiting Congressional approval could create dental, vision, and hearing-covered benefits for Medicare’s 60 million beneficiaries. One of the proposed bills will give the federal government the power to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies to lower prices for prescription medication, which could save the government an estimated $345 billion over the next decade.  » Read More

What Benefits are Currently Available Through Medicare?