What Trust Is Right for You?

Estate planning involves various options to consider, and the right method will establish assets for your future and will provide for your family. A trust is a great option available, it will create income to support your wishes. Your best options among available trusts will be determined by your personal situation and your goals.  » Read More

What Is a Trust?

Doctors Recommend Living Wills During the Pandemic

Health care workers have been on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic since the middle of March. They know all too well how quickly COVID-19 can render a patient unable to breathe. In an emergency, doctors have been forced to make choices about a patient’s care in which the patient would normally make on their own. Increasingly, doctors are urging residents in New York and New Jersey to draw up advanced directives,  » Read More

Long-Term Care Options for Seniors

The effects of aging can make it more difficult for seniors to care for themselves, and most older adults will eventually need some form of long-term care. Each person’s needs are different. Some seniors may only require occasional assistance or help with certain tasks, while others may need constant care. Understanding the options available can help seniors choose the long-term care solution that is right for them.  » Read More

VA Benefits for Assisted Living

Like many elderly Americans, veterans and their spouses are often faced with challenges that can impede their independence. Luckily, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers benefits that can help. Depending on specific service history and eligibility, war veterans and their spouses may be able to take advantage of the VA’s Aid & Attendance and Housebound program, which can help with personal care for beneficiaries whose physical needs qualify for such assistance.  » Read More

Signs That Your Elderly Parents Need Assistance

As the years pass, your family may experience role-reversal. When your parents get into their elderly years, they may need the same daily care and assistance they once gave you. A guardianship will be a serious and important consideration for you and your parents. A guardianship is a legal relationship appointed by the court, which allows someone to take care of another person,  » Read More

How Can We Protect Children of Parents Working During COVID-19?

The ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has everyone stressed, panicked, and scared. For those who are employed in health care and as janitors, receptionists, grocery store workers, and other front line positions, there is a constant worry for their health and the health of their loved ones. The safety and health of our children is always of utmost concern but is now significantly heightened during a national pandemic.  » Read More