Elder Wandering and Elopement Liability

For nursing home residents with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and similar conditions, the risk of wandering and elopement are ever-present. The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that around 60 percent of people with dementia will wander at some point. Individuals may wander out of their own space into other residents’ rooms or leave the property altogether.

Elopement puts seniors in danger of getting lost,  » Read More

What is the Medicaid Eligibility in New York?

Medicaid is the government program that assists low income patients with their medical expenses and provides them with healthcare that would otherwise be unaffordable. Services such as doctor visits, hospital stays, prescriptions, supplies, home health care, nursing home care, and more are covered for beneficiaries of the program. In New York, patients must meet certain criteria set by the New York State Department of Health to be eligible for Medicaid.  » Read More

Wills Versus Estate Plans

Many people may not understand how wills and estates differ. Wills are part of estate plans that help individuals plan for their future. Individuals have varying ideas as to where their assets should go when their time comes, and understanding the components that go into estate plans can accomplish this.

The Basics of Creating a Will

A will is a legal document that states the final wishes of its owner.  » Read More

Medicare for All Proposal

As the 2020 election battle heats up, Senator Bernie Sanders has been advocating Medicare for All , also known as House bill H.R. 1384. This legislation aims to extend Medicare benefits to include long-term care. According to a recent poll, two-thirds of American adults favor long-term care programs. Although many U.S. citizens think that Medicare benefits cover this, it does not.  » Read More

Estate Planning Document Checklist – Infographic

Many people believe that an estate plan simply means having a will or a trust.
However, estate planning entails far more than a will or a trust. There are other essential documents you need when planning your estate to ensure your assets are distributed accordingly upon your death.

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When to Obtain Guardianship

While it is not easy to think about, there may come a time when a parent loses the ability to make sound decisions about their daily health and well-being. When elderly individuals are unable to care for themselves, their children and other loved ones may need to step in and assume responsibility for making crucial decisions about medical care, finances,  » Read More