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Need A Lawyer For An Elder Law Case In New York?

With our extensive knowledge of elder law, tax law and estate planning, the legal team at Korsinsky & Klein LLP, provides clients with excellent legal representation. Individuals, families and senior citizens can trust our team with their complex estate planning matters or elder law concerns. When you work with Korsinsky & Klein LLP, each of our highly skilled Brooklyn elder law attorneys will work diligently to ensure that you receive the best possible representation.

Your elderly friends or loved ones need protection under the law because they are vulnerable. Elder financial abuse is common, but you cannot watch your elderly family members all day. Estate planning, emergency guardianships and other legal protections can be good ways to avoid elder financial abuse.

Signs Of Elder Financial Abuse

Elder financial abuse can happen at any time, and you must do everything in your power to avoid these issues. If you see the signs of elder abuse, you should try to work with your elderly loved ones on an estate plan that will prevent further trouble. If an estate plan is created early on, you can avoid the following issues.

  • Unpaid bills: An elderly person may not realize the money they gave to a new “friend” is not being used to pay their bills.
  • Notices from landlords or mortgage companies: Landlords and/or mortgage companies might not have been paid because your elderly loved one has trusted someone else with that money.
  • Missing property: Some family members or friends might notice that collectibles or valuable property have gone missing.
  • Bank or credit card statements go to another address: You might discover that your elderly loved one has poor credit, but they have not heard of the credit cards that have been opened in their name.
  • Unexplained monetary transactions: You might hear about financial transactions that your elderly loved one did not authorize.

Nursing Home Abuse

Elder care can be extremely demanding, and many entrust their loved ones’ long-term care to nursing homes and other residential facilities. When these facilities fail to provide the care they need, the suffering can be unimaginable. Bringing a lawsuit against the facility can help ensure that your loved one’s rights are protected, and their conditions are improved.

Medicaid Denial For Treatment

As people age, their health care needs become more complex and more urgent. If Medicaid denies or delays coverage for certain treatments, the results can be deadly. An experienced New York metro area elder care abuse lawyer can ensure that patients get the full benefits to which they are entitled and that claims are paid in a timely manner.

We handle Medicaid fair hearings for clients on all types of matters before the state hearing officers. Our experienced attorneys directly address denials and discontinuances from the local department of Social Services or New York City Human Resources Administrations as well as denials and discontinuances from managed long-term care (MLTC) providers. We have successfully secured additional home care hours for our clients and secured various services or coverage for our clients.

Get The Information You Need To Protect Your Loved Ones

If you have questions or concerns regarding elder law, do not hesitate to contact the Brooklyn elder law attorneys at Korsinsky & Klein LLP. Call us today at 212-257-0199 or contact us online for an initial consultation.

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