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With our extensive knowledge of elder law, tax law and estate planning, the legal team at Korsinsky & Klein, LLP provides clients with excellent legal representation. Individuals, families and senior citizens can trust our legal team with their complex estate planning matters. When you work with Korsinsky & Klein, LLP, each of our highly skilled attorneys will work diligently to ensure that you receive the best possible representation.

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Regardless of your age or health, the New York elder law attorneys at Korsinsky & Klein, LLP will bring value and rich insight to your case. Our firm deals with a wide range of legal and tax law matters related to elder law and estate planning. If you wish to learn more about how we are able to help you with your Medicaid application or other estate planning needs, read more about our areas of practice listed below:

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Disability Planning

Planning for your future is essential to protecting yourself in the event that an injury, disease or accident disables you or a loved one. Disability planning can be made for both long-term and short-term periods so that you have enough coverage during the time that you are disabled. If you would like to enroll in a disability plan, our attorney will walk you through the process to ensure your rights remain protected and your health preserved.

Establishing & Managing Guardianships

The process of establishing and managing guardianships requires a petition for a court hearing. A guardianship may need to be established if a senior citizen cannot take care of himself or herself, cannot manage his or her own finances, or is otherwise disabled. The courts will require a hearing to determine the incapacity level of the elderly person and the suitability of the guardian or conservator.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a great preventive measure to ensure that your assets, property and heirs are taken care of according to your wishes after you pass away or become incapacitated. An estate plan is comprised of several documents, including a last will and testament, power of attorney, healthcare proxy and a living trust. Our attorneys are skilled legal advisors who will help you construct a plan that can spare your loved ones from the confusion and burden of probate.


New York laws advocate the protection of the rights of an incapacitated person. The law affords the consideration of a guardian to satisfy the personal or financial needs of a disabled individual. Guardianships can be tailored to satisfy the specific needs that the disabled person has.

Medicaid Applications

Individuals who are 65 years or older or who are incapacitated are not necessarily automatically entitled to receive Medicaid. In order to receive Medicaid benefits, you must first apply for them. The program first requires that you fulfill the criteria regarding income and assets. In order to ease the stress associated with applying, it is wise to speak with a skilled lawyer who is able to guide you through the process.

Medicaid Fair Hearings

If you have applied for Medicaid but were denied coverage, you may need to request a fair hearing. If you have not received approval or denial of your application, or if you disagree with the decision, you could have the chance to appeal the decision at a fair hearing. Our legal team will represent you and request a fair hearing within the proper statute of limitations.

Medicaid Planning

Although long-term insurance can pay for many health services, there are certain limitations and restrictions based on your income. Medicaid planning can be essential for the future planning of your family. In most cases, Medicaid planning can directly address the need for long-term financial and healthcare plans and keep you eligible to receive Medicaid benefits.

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