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Are you looking for an experienced attorney who can handle your matter competently and professionally? When you come to Korsinsky & Klein, LLP, you gain the advantage of working with a team of professionals who have dedicated their careers to providing outstanding legal representation in a variety of civil matters. Attorneys Michael Korsinsky and Joseph Klein are both active members of the Elder Law Section of the New York State Bar Association and have extensive experience handling an array of legal matters on behalf of their clients.

Elder Law Assistance in New York

Whenever you are planning for your future—whether you are addressing an elder law issue, or dealing with any legal matter—it’s essential that you engage the support of a New York lawyer from our firm. As your greatest advocate, we will inform you of the applicable laws, your rights and your responsibilities as we navigate you through the legal process. Whether you are creating an estate plan, applying for Medicaid, or facing a civil dispute, having an experienced attorney by your side will help you to protect your interests and give you the greatest chance of achieving your ultimate goals. We also serve clients in New Jersey. 

Elder Law

With our nation’s elderly population living longer than ever before, families are facing long-term care issues that they didn’t face in earlier generations. At Korsinsky & Klein, LLP, our New York elder law lawyers understand the concerns facing elderly adults and their families.

We are aware that our clients are worried about qualifying for Medicaid and being able to pass down an inheritance to their spouses and children. We are able to provide professional assistance for all of your elder law needs and can help you protect your estate so that you can enjoy a comfortable retirement during your golden years.

Our elder law areas of practice include:

Estate Planning

Considering that your estate will consist of your home, automobiles, real estate, retirement accounts, collectibles, jewelry, artwork, life insurance policies and much more, it is important to create a plan that has the appropriate level of asset protection. You will need a plan that ensures that your assets and property are distributed to whom you want, when you want, in the event of your death.

When you create a comprehensive estate plan, you are not only protecting your assets and your future, but you are also ensuring that you leave behind a legacy for those individuals or charities that are important to you. When you fail to create an estate plan, your assets and property are distributed according to New York law, which may not align with your wishes.

Our New York estate planning attorneys assist clients with the following:

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Real Estate & Civil Litigation

In addition to handling elder law and estate planning matters, we have experience representing clients in other practice areas, including real estate and civil litigation. Whether you need assistance drafting documents, reviewing contracts or negotiating lease documents, our attorneys can look for potential red flags and protect your interests throughout the real estate transaction. Are you dealing with a civil dispute? We represent clients in an array of civil litigation matters including but not limited to real estate litigation, estate litigation and elder law litigation.

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Many of our services are offered on a flat-fee basis. This means that you will never be nickel and dimed for your time with us. Our clients receive effective legal representation that is geared towards their success, without being charged exorbitant fees.

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