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Understanding Wills And How They Benefit You

Many people choose not to plan for the future for a number of reasons. There are many misconceptions that surround estate planning, and unfortunately, these misunderstandings have wreaked havoc on countless families throughout New York. Whether you are young, old, healthy or approaching your golden years, everyone needs to consider drafting a Last Will and Testament.

As a part of our process, Korsinsky & Klein LLP, attorneys ask the difficult questions and make sure to get a full understanding of your needs. This is part of how we develop a truly personalized Will and ensure that your loved ones respect your wishes. There is no better time to start planning than today. Call us at 212-257-0199.

Why Create A Last Will And Testament?

A Last Will and Testament serves several functions. Not only does it protect your assets and property, but it also organizes your financial and personal affairs, which can, in turn, benefit your family long after you are no longer around to provide for them. We will help you create a Last Will and Testament and address important issues, including:

  • Establishing a Guardianship for minor children
  • Deciding how you would like to distribute your property
  • Naming heirs or charitable organizations to receive your property
  • Naming a trusted person to manage the property that you leave to minor children
  • Naming an executor of your affairs to ensure that the terms in your will are carried out

If you die without a Last Will and Testament in place, your property will be distributed by New York’s Intestacy Laws. Don’t leave your final wishes to the discretion of a judge. Make sure that your property is administered in a way that you would have wished by creating a will.

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Understanding Wills and the laws that surround the drafting and enforcing of a Will can be somewhat complex. Failing to adhere to the law could render your Last Will and Testament invalid upon your death, thus defeating the purpose of your Will and putting the distribution of your assets in the hands of the court. At Korsinsky & Klein LLP, we will review your documents thoroughly to ensure that your Last Will and Testament can stand in a court of law and functions according to your wishes. Call 212-257-0199 today to begin.