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Compassionate Planning For Families And Seniors

Is your loved one disabled? Or are you a disabled person who is looking to make arrangements to ensure that you receive the best care in the future? With America’s elderly living longer than ever before, most seniors will need some type of long-term care for the years to come. Some may require disability care, but many are unprepared for the financial burden that it can place on their estates. Preparing for the costs of long-term care is one of the best ways to ensure that you or your loved one receives the necessary benefits without having to sacrifice the quality of life.

What Is A Disability Plan?

If your loved one has disabilities, it is critical for his or her future to establish a plan. Planning for long-term care, especially for individuals with special needs, can ensure that you or your loved one will receive the highest quality of care. We will help you or your loved one create an ideal plan to ensure that they are cared for throughout his or her life.

Although disability plans can be customized to the individual needs of each client, a typical disability plan can be comprised of the following:

We are able to help you or your loved one establish a special needs trust to protect an individual with disabilities. We have extensive experience assisting disabled persons or special needs persons and helping with the necessary petitions for establishing a special needs trust.

Korsinsky & Klein LLP, Helps Plan For Your Future

With compassionate legal counseling, we will help ensure that all family members know what to expect regarding the management of financial and health care affairs once your family member is incapacitated and can no longer make necessary decisions.

We have extensive experience assisting senior citizens and other individuals with special needs throughout New York, including but not limited to Brooklyn, Long Island, Manhattan and Westchester as well as the state of New Jersey. Call the Brooklyn elder law lawyers at Korsinsky & Klein LLP, at 212-257-0199 or contact us online so we can go over your rights, responsibilities and obligations to help you gain peace of mind.