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Have You Thought About Your Future? Explore Your Options With Trusts And Estates.

Chances are that you have thought about your future; but have you acted upon those thoughts? Many people tend to shy away from planning for the future simply because the thought of one’s own mortality can be overwhelming. You have probably spent your life collecting funds and protecting your family. Don’t throw away the things that you hold most dear because of a failure to plan for the management and distribution of those assets.

At Korsinsky & Klein LLP, our New York City legal team will listen carefully to your needs and objectives and provide an honest opinion on which components of an estate plan can be utilized to best suit your goals. Our decades of experience creating and establishing estate plans, including through Wills and Trusts, can create help protect your future generations. Contact us today.

What A Trust And Estate Plan Offers You

When you establish a Trust, you set up a more regulated estate plan. While it does not have the ability to name guardians or administer property in the same way as a Will, a Trust can be an invaluable part of your estate and can work alongside your Will to better accomplish your goals. They allow you to distribute your property in very specific ways over long amounts of time, thus protecting your estate from frivolous spending, mismanagement or other issues.

Administering A Trust

Trust administration is the process of carrying out the terms of a decedent’s Trust. Trust administration can vary in complexity based on the terms of the Trust, but at its core is the concept of fiduciary duty. Fiduciary duty creates a responsibility and legal obligation for the person or party responsible for the Trust’s administration to do so with respect for the law and for appropriate management.

A trustee’s duty for administering a Trust may involve determining the total value of Trust assets, keeping inventory and reviewing tax issues of the Trust. Because administration can be complicated, it is wise for trustees to consult with an attorney.

Contesting A Will Or Trust

Honoring a Will or Trust is not a problem in most cases. But, if a relative suspects that their loved one’s Will or Trust does not accurately represent their wishes, they may have to go to court to prove it. There are certain legal conditions that can render the Will invalid, including if the person who signed the Will was mentally unsound or was the victim of coercion or fraud.

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Responsible families know first-hand that estate planning is not to be disregarded. Estate planning is a preventive measure that provides families with the peace of mind that they need. Countless individuals have become empowered through the proper legal measures to take action for the future security of their loved ones.

From simple legal advice to concentrated legal representation through complicated estate matters, Korsinsky & Klein LLP, will be by your side from beginning to end. We offer flat fees for many cases. Contact us online, or call 212-257-0199 today for personal, attentive and ethical legal service. We have offices in New York City, including Manhattan and Brooklyn, and Lakewood, New Jersey.