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Korsinsky and Klein, LLP continues to Win Fair Hearings and secure Coverage for Our Clients

Korsinsky & Klein, LLP continues to successfully secure and expand the Medicaid services for our clients. A recent example of securing additional Medicaid services for our clients includes securing 24 hours continuous care by a Licensed Practical Nurse, all paid by the MLTC Medicaid provider.  In the case of Mauricio R, in request to Fair Hearing 8195396H, the Appellant, aged 77 had requested 24 hours continuous care by a Licensed Practical Nurse. The MLTC Plan had denied the appellant’s request. Korsinsky & Klein, LLP successfully reversed this decision and secured the Appellant’s necessary Medicaid services.  This resulted in thousands of dollars of care for our client to be paid for by a third party.  This is just one of the many cases that Korsinsky & Klein, LLP won this year.