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How can a Medicaid Fair Hearing protect your benefits?

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2022 | Medicaid

When the pandemic exacerbated the financial resources of millions of Americans, the federal government responded quickly by eliminating requirements for Medicaid recipients to update their circumstances in the system through annual recertification. While this brought immense relief to so many across the nation, the end of this relaxed policy is sure to cause some major disruptions.

An analysis from the Urban Institute suggests that reinstating the pre-pandemic audits could result in as many as 15 million people being eliminated from the Medicaid rolls, including 6 million children. As state welfare and Medicaid agencies scramble to determine the most cost-effective and compassionate way to address the need for audits, many recipients may slip through the cracks, face removal from rolls without notification or support as they seek alternative forms of health coverage.

How can an attorney help you keep your Medicaid benefits?

If an audit renders you ineligible for Medicaid or if your Medicaid service is suddenly suspended, dropped, denied or reduced, you may qualify for a Medicaid fair hearing. This is also true if you experience delayed or no response to your coverage request. A Medicaid fair hearing is an appeal to request for immediate review of your application. 

Time is of the essence when you’re seeking coverage for medical treatments or prescriptions. The added stress of working through the complex and intensive application process can add difficulty to an already overwhelming situation. Please know that you have options for recourse and that there are legal supports for you to expedite the process.