Signs That Your Elderly Parents Need Assistance

May 6, 2020

As the years pass, your family may experience role-reversal. When your parents get into their elderly years, they may need the same daily care and assistance they once gave you. A guardianship will be a serious and important consideration for you and your parents. A guardianship is a legal relationship appointed by the court, which allows someone to take care of another person, whether it is a child, a disabled person, or an elder. By gaining guardianship, you have the power to look after your parents’ financial and medical needs, which will help you find long-term care. However, it may be difficult to decide when to have that conversation with your parents.

What Are Signs You Should Look for?

So, how can you tell your parents need help? Some signs that your elderly parents need assistance on a daily basis include:

  • Lack of appetite: Be observant when you are with your parents. Have they lost weight? Does it seem that they no longer want to eat or is their refrigerator empty? Do they lack the same energy they once had? Ask these questions to your parents and have them see their doctor for better nutrition and meal plans.
  • Lack of memory: At first, it might not be alarming if your parents miss a dose of their prescriptions or forget your phone number, but these are signs that they may start losing their memories. Again, have your parents go to routine checkups where the doctor can give your parents physical and cognitive tests.
  • Difficulty in moving: Observe if your parent seems to be limping or have difficulty moving around. Bones and joints become frailer the older the body gets, so even bumping into an object can break a bone or cause a serious injury.
  • Clutter and untidiness: Take note if there seems to be more clutter in their house; elderly people may lose energy or become forgetful and can forget to open mail or pay bills. Also, observe their hygiene and make sure that they are still able to shower.
  • Depression: Visit your parents frequently or have a neighbor check in on them as many times as possible. If your parents fall into a depression, it could cause them to avoid social interactions.

Seeking Guardianship

It is highly recommended to go to the doctor with your parents and ask the questions your parents forget to ask or are too embarrassed to ask. Having a doctor tell them they are unable to take care of themselves may make your parents more comfortable. It will also help you and your parents make the right decision on seeking guardianship. If you decide to seek guardianship, it is advisable to immediately contact a professional lawyer who is experienced in elder law.

Long Island Elder Law Lawyers at Korsinsky & Klein, LLP Help Families Through the Guardianship Process

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