How Can I Tell When a Loved One Needs Nursing Home Care?

January 7, 2020

When you start to notice that your loved one needs greater care than you can provide, you are faced with a difficult choice of whether it is time to place your loved one in a nursing home. For many families who ultimately choose to put their loved one in a nursing home, the decision is a long time coming. It may start with forgetfulness or simple mistakes that can be brushed off, but at some point, the situation becomes clear.

Older adults can experience cognitive, physical, and behavioral decline that progresses so slowly that it is difficult for day-to-day caregivers to recognize. Warning signs that your loved one needs more extensive care can include losing the capacity for independent self-care, posing a danger to themselves or others, or requiring more involved care than can be provided at home.

Convincing Your Loved One

One of the most difficult conversations for adult children to have with a parent is the talk about the need for a nursing home. It is best to approach the topic from a place of understanding. It can be helpful to take time to address your parent’s concerns and make them feel heard. By knowing what must be done, you must be strong and persuasive, as well as understanding.

Value Your Own Feelings

The decision to place an aging parent or other loved one in a nursing home often comes with feelings of guilt, sadness, and uncertainty. You may feel guilty that you can no longer provide the care your loved one needs. You may feel sad that they are unable to live the independent life they used to enjoy. You may experience uncertainty that you are doing the best thing for them. These are all normal reactions to a very common scenario. Be kind to yourself, and remember you have your parent’s best interests at heart.

Show Your Love

Helping your parent through the transition will be hard, but your support will mean a lot. Even if they are unlikely to tell you so, they need to feel that they are still being cared for by you, just in a different way. When a nursing home takes over the daily care duties for your loved one, you are still needed in their life. Stay involved in your parent’s life with frequent visits, phone calls, and special efforts that make them feel loved. Photos from home or objects from their past will help make them feel more at home.

Put All Affairs in Order

One of the best ways to show your love is to help your parent put their final wishes into effect. Planning for their estate can ensure that their life-long dreams will be fulfilled. They can rest assured knowing that their needs will be covered, and their remaining assets can be distributed as they see fit.

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