Protecting Assets from Nursing Home Cost

Many of us will one day need long-term nursing home care. Whether that time is now or someday in the future, the cost of a long-term facility can be exorbitant. The anxiety caused by this overwhelming expense is often compounded by the belief that residents who cannot afford the costs associated with facility care are forced to “sign over” their house.  » Read More

Becoming Legal Guardian for an Incapacitated Loved One

It can be extremely difficult for us to watch our parents growing older. With the aging process often comes the loss of ability to think clearly, which worsens as individuals live longer and longer. Additionally, the rate of Alzheimer’s and dementia only continues to increase. » Read More

How to Contest a Will in New York

The death of a loved one is always difficult. But grief can be compounded when families disagree on the validity or terms of the deceased’s will. There are laws that protect wills, and strong evidence is needed to overturn the stipulations of a will.

While 99 percent of all wills are upheld in a court of law,  » Read More