Avoiding Probate

For many seniors, ensuring that the distribution of their property goes smoothly is an important part of their estate planning. No one wants their surviving family members to be tied up in court for years spending additional money in legal fees to receive their inheritances. Unfortunately, this is often the case. During the process of probate,  » Read More

Managing Estate Debts

When a person passes away, their property and assets must be distributed to their heirs. Depending on the size of the estate and types of assets, this process can be complicated. If the person has outstanding debt when they pass away, however, it can create even more uncertainty.

As part of a will or trust,  » Read More

Applying for Medicaid

Every year, thousands of older Americans will apply for Medicaid, a government funded program that provides free or low-cost healthcare to individuals with limited incomes and financial resources. Physician fees, transportation expenses, laboratory service fees, hospital costs, and nursing care bills may all be covered under Medicaid. In 2018, more than 67 million individuals were enrolled in the Medicaid program.  » Read More

Elder Abuse and Common Financial Scams

Scammers are constantly developing and refining ways to fool people out of their money. They are also on the hunt for easy prey. Unfortunately, the elderly are often the perfect target, especially if they are isolated, lonely, or are physically or mentally disabled.

All scams involve some form of subtle deceit. Sometimes scammers start out as strangers. They identify a potential victim,  » Read More

Nursing Home Evictions

A 59-year-old California woman who had recently undergone a limb amputation was recovering in a nursing home in California. When her insurance ran out, the home gave her two options; either go to a homeless shelter or spend one week in a paid hotel. Nursing home evictions are often traumatic and unsafe for residents who often have nowhere else to go and limited access to the care they desperately need.  » Read More