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How to hire the right in-home aide

On Behalf of | May 14, 2024 | Medicaid

Finding an excellent in-home aide for an aging parent or loved one requires careful thought and planning. Since this person will be in the home and assisting with personal care, you must have someone who is not only competent and reliable but also a good fit.

Improve your odds of making a positive choice by taking a conscientious approach.

Define your necessities

Before beginning your search, identify what kind of help your family member needs. Should the in-home aide have professional nursing skills? Alternatively, the person might be there primarily for companionship and handling everyday tasks. Figuring out your specific requirements will help narrow down the field of candidates and ensure you find an individual with the appropriate abilities.

Research your options

Look into various agencies that offer in-home care services. These organizations vet their employees and handle all administrative duties, such as payroll and taxes. They can also provide replacements if your regular aide becomes unavailable. Alternatively, consider hiring someone independently.

Conduct thorough interviews

Interviewing potential aides is mandatory. Prepare a list of questions that covers their experience, qualifications and how they handle specific situations.

Check references and backgrounds

Always contact the references provided by candidates. Previous employers can offer revealing insights into the aide’s skills and demeanor. Additionally, conduct a background check. Among other revelations, this may uncover criminal convictions that make a candidate inappropriate.

Do a trial run

Before making a final decision, arrange for the selected aide to spend a day on-site. A trial run lets you observe the potential hire in action. It also gives your loved one a chance to provide feedback on their comfort level with the aide.

Communicate openly

Once you hire someone, discuss how the arrangement is going. Regularly check in with both the aide and your relative. Ensure that everything is going swimmingly and address any concerns that arise.

Hiring a great in-home aide takes time and consideration. However, with a thorough approach, you can find an ideal match and avoid unpleasant scenarios that could lead to litigation.