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Could your Medicaid entitlement be at risk?

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2022 | Medicaid

The current medical state of emergency in force across the country is set to end in April. Fears are that many will see their entitlement to Medicaid end with it.

As part of the emergency, the federal government gave funding to states on the condition that they did not remove anyone already eligible for Medicaid from the register. That has been a massive help for many who could not otherwise afford coverage. However, not everyone approves.

A recent report by the Foundation for Government Accountability claims that New York is losing $140 million a month because 1.25 million people are still getting Medicaid they are no longer entitled to.

Medicaid typically reviews people’s status on a frequent basis to determine whether they are still entitled to receive it. Yet, they currently are not allowed to remove anyone under the terms of the federal funding agreement.

When the funding ends, so could your Medicaid

The government is permitted to extend the medical emergency for 90 days at a time. If they do not do so in April, then Medicaid authorities may begin a ruthless clear-out looking to remove anyone they no longer consider entitled to it from their register.

As with any mass culling, there will be mistakes. Some who are entitled to it and need it may lose it.

How can you preserve your right to it?

If you believe you meet the requirements, you must return any renewal requests promptly and accurately. It is easy to make a mistake so getting legal help is the best way to ensure you do not. If Medicaid wrongly revokes your eligibility, it is crucial you find out more about how to challenge their decision.