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Who to choose with a medical power of attorney

On Behalf of | May 31, 2024 | Estate Planning

One of the most important aspects of estate planning is making medical decisions in advance. This is part of the reason why it’s beneficial for people to have a plan even when they are young. They can still use a medical advance directive to make decisions or a power of attorney to choose an agent to make those decisions on their behalf.

In many ways, a power of attorney has certain advantages because the agent can make decisions based on the information they have at the time, rather than you trying to guess beforehand about what treatment you will or will not want. Because of this dynamic, it is also very important to select the right agent. So who should you choose?

Someone you can trust

To start with, this has to be someone that you trust implicitly. They could be making decisions about what type of surgery you should get or if you will be kept on life-support. You must know that they have your best interests at heart, and you must trust them to make these decisions.

Someone who can handle it

Additionally, consider that making these decisions may be difficult, especially when they involve end-of-life care. You need to find someone who is willing to make tough decisions and won’t find it too difficult from an emotional perspective. They also need to have enough general medical knowledge to understand the ramifications of these choices.

Someone who lives nearby

Finally, consider that many medical decisions have to be made in an emergency. If you are incapacitated, it could be due to a heart attack, a stroke or a car accident. Choose someone who lives relatively close by so they will be able to come to the medical center.

Do you know who you want to choose as your power of attorney? Be sure you understand the legal steps you’ll need to take to set it up.