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Signs an estate administrator might be stealing

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2023 | Estate Planning

Estate administration refers to managing and distributing a deceased individual’s assets, debts and financial affairs. When someone passes away, their estate is handled by an estate administrator or executor responsible for carrying out the deceased’s wishes as outlined in their will.

An estate administrator is entrusted with helping ensure that the deceased’s assets are properly accounted for, debts are settled and beneficiaries receive their rightful inheritances. However, there are cases where estate administrators abuse their position for personal gain, leading to potential financial losses for the beneficiaries. Read on to discover signs indicating your estate administrator might be stealing from you. 

Lack of transparency

A trustworthy estate administrator should maintain open communication and provide regular updates regarding the administration’s progress. If you find your administrator avoiding your questions or failing to provide transparent information about the estate’s status, it could be a sign of potential wrongdoing.

Unexplained delays

While estate administration can be complex, unexplained delays in settling the estate may raise suspicions. If your administrator consistently postpones crucial tasks without reasonable justifications, it could indicate mismanagement or diversion of assets.

Unauthorized transactions

Be vigilant about monitoring the estate’s financial transactions. If you discover unauthorized transfers, withdrawals or suspicious activity involving the estate’s accounts, it is vital to raise concerns immediately. Such activities can indicate that your administrator is siphoning funds for personal gain.

Disregard for beneficiary rights

Estate administrators have a legal obligation to act in the best interests of the beneficiaries. If you observe your administrator showing favoritism, disregarding beneficiary rights, or making decisions that are not aligned with the deceased’s wishes, it may indicate a breach of fiduciary duty.

By recognizing the signs that your estate administrator might be stealing from you, you can take appropriate actions to safeguard your interests and hold any wrongdoers accountable. Remember, seeking legal advice and reporting suspicions of fraud are crucial steps towards resolving such matters.