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Should I stay in a nursing home or have an in-home aide?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2023 | Estate Planning

When laying out the estate planning process, most people tend to focus on how they will distribute an estate or large sums of money. Nevertheless, there’s another thing they need to consider: a long-term care plan.

Many individuals experience failing health during their senior years and need others to care for them. However, they’re torn between staying in a nursing home and hiring an in-home aide. If you’re in this situation, read about what both nursing homes and in-home aides have to offer.

Benefits of nursing homes

A nursing home has a few perks including:

-Socialization opportunities: Are you outgoing and enjoy making new friends? You might like living in a nursing home because it offers activities like movie nights, book clubs and games.

-Advanced care services: Nursing homes provide services to address severe conditions like Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s.

-Tight security measures: Many nursing homes do everything possible to ensure unscrupulous characters don’t break in or that people with conditions like dementia don’t escape and wander off.

Benefits of in-home aides

There are upsides to hiring an in-home aide, too:

-You get to receive one-on-one care: Some seniors prefer getting assistance from one specific caregiver rather than several. Not only does it make it possible for you to get specialized attention, but it can also be suitable if you possess an introverted personality.

-It’s cheaper than nursing home care: The average cost of nursing home care in New York is approximately $12,775 per month. If you hire a personal aide, expect to pay about $5,339.

-Age restrictions and pet policies don’t apply: A downside to nursing homes is that they typically impose age restrictions, and some don’t even allow pets. Since you would be staying in your home with a personal caregiver, there’s no need to worry about meeting an age requirement or giving up your animal companion.

So, is nursing home or in-home care best? That’s up to you. Consider seeking legal guidance if you need assistance exploring your long-term care planning options.