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Why online wills just don’t cut it

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2022 | Estate Planning

When you start thinking about creating your first estate plan, you will probably do some online investigation. While you are there, you may come across various companies offering DIY online wills. While they might appear to be a bargain, the problems they could bring could end up costing you far more to resolve.

Here are some of the reasons why you should be wary of them:

You are not an expert

Choosing between two seemingly identical anythings online can be challenging. Misunderstanding the pizza you order is not a big deal. Misunderstanding the will you make is.

Your needs are not the same as everyone else’s

When you buy theater tickets online, you still get to see the same show wherever you sit. Aside from any sight or hearing difficulties, a seat that works for you will work just as well for anyone else that buys it. The same is not true with your life, which is, after all, what you are dealing with when creating an estate plan.

You do not own the same assets as everyone else. You do not have the same family as everyone else, nor will you have the same medical needs in later life. So why try to use a standard template to protect them?

There is more to estate planning than a will

A will carries out a particular purpose. It does not cover everything that a good estate plan should. Only by speaking to someone with knowledge of all estate planning options can you create the kind of customized plan that covers all you and your family’s needs as well as possible.