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Qualities you need to find in a healthcare proxy

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2022 | Advance directives

You have the option to designate an agent with a healthcare proxy in New York. This person steps in when you can’t make your own medical decisions. They can make them on your behalf, and they legally have this ability so that they can work with your medical team. 

It’s important to get this set up in advance because very few people have the ability to make medical decisions for someone else. You need to know that someone is there for you if things take a turn for the worse. One key component of this process is determining who is the best person for the job. 

Talking with your health care agent 

To use a healthcare proxy to designate an agent, you should start by talking to them and going over the details. Don’t just name someone without letting them know. This should be a two-person process. This also gives you a chance to look for some of the most important qualities, which may include things like: 

  • A person who has a good grasp of medical law and medical procedures
  • A person who is caring and compassionate and who will put your best interests first
  • A person who is willing to make hard choices and take on that responsibility
  • A person who is close enough to you, geographically speaking, that they can come to your aid at any time
  • A person who has discussed your healthcare needs and desires with you, so they really know what you want

Finding the right person can be hard, but it’s a very important step to take. Make sure you know how to set up your health care proxy in advance so that it’s ready if you ever need it.