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How To Be Sure Your Children Are Cared For In Estate Planning

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2020 | Estate Planning

From the moment they’re born, you want to care for and protect your children for their whole lives. You feed and clothe them and make sure they are treated well, but there are other ways you can care for your children too. Establishing an estate plan with an experienced attorney can help you ensure that your children are protected under any circumstances.

Setting up a guardianship for your kids is a crucial part of estate planning. Here’s what you should know about this part of your estate plan concerning your children.

What Is A Guardianship?

If something should happen to you while your children are still minors, it is important to establish a guardianship. Minor children are not allowed to make legal or other decisions on their own behalf. Therefore, you must appoint a guardian to protect and care for your children in the event you are unable to. Your child’s guardian is can make legal decisions on your behalf and will be responsible for their care. They can also authorize any necessary medical or other care and look after their direct physical well-being.

How To Choose A Guardian

Appointing a guardian is an important decision. This person will be legally obligated to care for your children. Many people choose to appoint a parent or other relative, but you may also appoint a state employee or other person who is familiar to your child. It is crucial you select a person who will have your child’s best interests in mind. A legal guardian must be an adult who is both physically and financially able to fulfil the responsibilities of a guardian.

This process can be a particularly emotional aspect of the estate planning process, but it is one of the most important for parents with minor children. Your estate planning attorney can help you ensure your guardianship is set up properly and securely and answer any questions you may have in depth.