Jeffrey Epstein’s Will Signed Days Before Death

Jeffrey Epstein's Last Will and TestamentFinancier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein signed a new will two days before he died by an apparent suicide in a New York City jail. The will places his nearly $580 million dollars into a trust called The 1953 Trust. His previous will left his wealth to his brother, Mark Epstein, but he and no other existing family members were listed in the new will. Multiple women filed suits against Epstein alleging sexual abuse, and many of the suits name his estate in the filings.

You can read Jeffrey Epstein’s last will and testament here.

Although most people do not possess the extent of Jeffrey Epstein’s wealth, it is extremely important for individuals to plan ahead for how they want their assets distributed upon their death. Drawing up a will and designating loved ones as beneficiaries will alleviate the legal entanglements that may result if no will or trust exists. In some cases, a trust may allow funds to be distributed in a different manner to designated recipients.

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