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Medicaid Planning Attorney In New York

While nobody likes thinking about death, disability or incapacity, establishing a Medicaid plan is one of the most important steps that you can take to protect your health, well-being and finances. Proper Medicaid planning allows you to take charge of your finances so that you are not impacted by the financial burden of expensive long-term health care. By planning for the future, you can spare your loved ones the frustration that is often associated with establishing long-term care to treat you when you become disabled or ill.

Medicaid applications, Medicaid planning and the use of wills and trusts can be extremely complicated. Our legal team has experience representing clients in a wide range of elder law matters, and we work hard to protect your assets and finances so that you comply with tax laws and guidelines. Working with a skilled New York elder law attorney from Korsinsky & Klein LLP, is crucial to the outcome of your Medicaid planning.

Plan For Your Future Long-Term Health Care Needs

New York elder law attorneys provide legal advice on Medicaid planning.

We will help you with a Medicaid plan that will protect your assets and income while still allowing you to remain eligible for Medicaid. Our New York Medicaid planning attorneys will utilize smart planning techniques and ensure that you adhere to the Medicaid guidelines. We offer legal advice regarding various aspects of Medicaid planning, including:

Strategic planning ensures that you receive much needed benefits under Medicaid programs and that your assets and finances aren’t drained by the costs of long-term care or nursing home bills. We are here to direct you and your family through the process of Medicaid planning so that you are empowered to make educated decisions and choices regarding your finances. We offer high-quality legal guidance to clients in New York, including Brooklyn, Long Island, Manhattan and Westchester, as well as the state of New Jersey.


Let The New York Medicaid Planning Lawyers At Korsinsky & Klein LLP, Help Reduce The Burden On Your Family

At Korsinsky & Klein LLP, our New York elder law attorneys are dedicated to protecting the assets of senior citizens and their families. Our legal team will provide legal advice concerning your financial matters and create a Medicaid plan that is customized to your situation. Because we adhere to the highest standards of practice, we will draft a plan that considers asset protection, long-term care and tax-saving strategies so you are able to pass a legacy down to your loved ones.

If you wish to learn more about how our skilled legal team can be of assistance to your future planning, contact us online or call 212-257-0199 today. We will discuss your matters with you in your case evaluation. It is never too late to start planning for your future.