How Can an Elder Law Attorney Help?

Brooklyn elder law attorneys provide comprehensive representation for seniors and their families.Senior citizens have unique legal needs that evolve as they age. They face quite a bit of uncertainty pertaining to their health and finances, and there are many factors to consider when planning for their future. There is a specific branch of law that deals with these unique needs, known as elder law, and elder law attorneys can help seniors in many respects.

Healthcare Needs

As seniors age, they may require more extensive healthcare, but they are no longer receiving insurance through their job. Social Security recipients can receive healthcare coverage through Medicare, and low-income seniors may be eligible for coverage through Medicaid. Elder law attorneys understand the eligibility requirements for both plans and their optional additions, and they can help seniors get the maximum coverage to which they are entitled.

Unfortunately, there are many cases in which an older person’s health prevents them from caring for themselves. An elder law attorney can help seniors review their long-term care options and come up with a plan that fits their needs without compromising certain assets. They can help determine whether it is best for them to stay in their home or transfer to a care facility.

Estate Planning

It can be difficult for a person to think about what happens to their assets when they pass; but coming up with a comprehensive estate plan can help to protect their assets and ensure that their final wishes are carried out. In many cases, there are ways to transfer assets that can minimize the tax burden and red tape that beneficiaries will have to deal with. An elder law attorney can help draft a will or trust and name beneficiaries for all of their assets. They can also ensure that beneficiaries receive any survivors’ benefits for which they are eligible.

Long-Term Planning

If a senior becomes incapacitated, they may need someone else to manage their affairs while they are still alive. Documents such as a living will and healthcare power of attorney designate a trusted person to make responsible healthcare decisions in line with the person’s wishes. A durable power of attorney gives the authority to make financial decisions to another entity; this can be the same person as the healthcare power of attorney or someone different. If needed, a guardian can be appointed to manage all aspects of their care and ensure that their needs are met.

In addition to helping seniors plan for their future, elder law attorneys provide valuable advice for families caring for older relatives. They can help develop a plan to preserve assets while paying for long-term care and avoid financial exploitation. If a person suspects their elderly relative is suffering from nursing home abuse, an elder law attorney can advocate on their behalf and ensure that their rights are protected.

Brooklyn Elder Law Attorneys at Korsinsky & Klein, LLP Provide Comprehensive Representation for Seniors and Their Families

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