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Watch our latest webinar to learn about long-term care planning, Medicaid and private insurance

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2021 | Medicaid

Helping and protecting our aging parents is a goal shared by most of us who live in New York. After all, your parents supported you emotionally and financially in your quest to achieve success as an adult. You want to ensure that your elders’ final years are safe and enjoyable. With so many different insurance options to choose from, most Brooklyn residents have no idea where to begin.

We believe that finding an excellent source of legal guidance should be a top priority. An attorney can help you sort through the long-term care options at your disposal and guide you in finding solutions that provide the most benefits.

Where does Medicaid fit into long-term care planning?

If your elder loved ones have an estate plan in place, Medicaid may give them additional financial support by helping to pay for their long-term care in a nursing home or other facility. In our latest webinar, Medicaid specialist, Tracy Connors, explains how to qualify your seniors for Medicaid in New York.

She also talks about the differences between Medicaid and private insurance, including valuable information about choosing between these options to cover your senior’s needs. As a bonus, Ms. Connors explains succession planning when an elder can no longer fill a role of leadership in a family business. 

This webinar is just one of the many resources we offer families who need the most accurate information about helping their aging loved ones. We encourage you to watch the video and follow our firm’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

If you have questions about the topics Ms. Connors discusses in the webinar or want to learn more about Medicaid and estate planning, do not hesitate to reach out for answers. You can also continue exploring our website for additional information, and discussing the specifics of your situation is always wise.