Long Island Attorneys Dedicating to Serving the Community

Clients who seek out Korsinsky & Klein, LLP benefit from working with a team dedicated to specific areas of law that impact members of the community, including elder law, guardianship, Medicaid, fair hearings, estate planning, wills and trusts, civil and commercial litigation, and real estate.

Seniors and Their Loved Ones Are a Top Priority

Elder law addresses the unique legal concerns and issues facing senior citizens and their loved ones. At Korsinsky & Klein, LLP, our Long Island elder law attorneys share a particular focus on elder law, providing added value and peace of mind to clients who turn to us for help. Attorneys Michael Korsinsky and Joseph Klein are active members of the Elder Law Section of the New York State Bar Association.

Long Island Guardianship Lawyers Meet Specific Needs of the Disabled

Planning for the future of a disabled loved one can be fraught with questions and uncertainty. If illness, age, or other disability renders an adult unable to make sound decisions, guardianship may be an option. There are multiple types of guardianships. The understanding Long Island guardianship lawyers at Korsinsky & Klein, LLP have the knowledge and experience to tailor the best type of guardianship for meeting the specific needs of disabled loved ones.

Applying for Medicaid

Financial assistance from Medicaid may be available to you or a loved one who is 65 years or older and needs long-term care. However, applying for Medicaid can be complicated and stressful, as you must provide information about your income, assets, and other data. Our competent Long Island Medicaid attorneys can answer your questions about Medicaid eligibility and make the application process much easier.

Long Island Medicaid Lawyers Represent Clients at Fair Hearings

Some people who apply for Medicaid may be denied benefits or receive a smaller amount of benefits than expected. The state of New York allows individuals to request a fair hearing to appeal decisions regarding Medicaid benefits. The Long Island Medicaid lawyers at Korsinsky & Klein, LLP can represent you at a fair hearing to help you obtain the benefits you deserve.

The Importance of Having an Estate Plan

It is never too early to draw up an estate plan. Unfortunately, there are times when it might be too late and, when that happens, the government may acquire assets that otherwise would have gone to beneficiaries. Part of estate planning involves understanding the impact of estate taxes. Another important aspect is the drafting of legally sound documents to avoid probate issues. Our Long Island estate planning lawyers can provide sound guidance in creating or modifying an estate plan that ensures the distribution of assets according to your wishes.

Wills and Trusts

Wills and trusts are two of the most important components of an estate plan. A will is essential for ensuring that the assets of an estate will be end up in the hands of designated beneficiaries. Setting up a trust can help minimize the impact of federal and state taxes on the value of the estate. However, trust administration can be quite complex and is, therefore, best left in the hands of an experienced attorney. Our knowledgeable Long Island estate planning lawyers understand the complexities of tax and estate law and can help you draw up wills and trusts that achieve your goals.

Skilled Representation in Long Island Civil Litigation Cases

It can be difficult to know what to do if you are embroiled in an emotional dispute regarding the well-being of an elderly relative, the estate of a deceased loved, one, or a real estate transaction gone sour. Our skilled Long Island civil litigation lawyers will calmly and thoroughly review all relevant information and guide you through this process. If litigation is required, we will work diligently on your behalf throughout the trial preparation phase, preparing witnesses if needed to obtain positive results for you and your family.

Long Island Real Estate Lawyers Provide Legal Guidance In and Out of Court

Disputes arise in real estate transactions for many reasons, including inaccuracies in contracts, failures to disclose defects, and issues involving third parties. The Long Island real estate lawyers at Korsinsky & Klein, LLP offer legal guidance through negotiation, turning to litigation only when it is clear that it is truly necessary. If that happens, we are prepared to go to court to defend your rights.

The Dedicated Attorneys at Korsinsky & Klein, LLP Serve Clients in Long Island and the New York Metropolitan Area

You may be facing difficult issues regarding long-term care, inheritance, Medicaid, or real estate disputes. The Long Island lawyers at Korsinsky & Klein, LLP are dedicated to protecting your rights and helping you navigate the legal process. From our offices in Brooklyn, New York and Lakewood, New Jersey, we represent seniors, individuals, and families throughout the metropolitan New York City area including Manhattan, Long Island, and Westchester, New York. Call 212-495-8133 today or contact us online to arrange a consultation today.