Dangers of Online Estate Planning

Brooklyn Elder Law Attorneys warn about the dangers of online estate planning. The internet has made our lives more self-sufficient, and attending to our needs has been less time consuming and more productive. Today, you can purchase a car without stepping foot into a car dealership or purchase a house without even seeing a realtor. However, operating your life solely through online services does not come without its pitfalls. Because most online services do not have the human contact or the necessary knowledge and accessibility professionals have, more specifically attorneys, unasked questions or overlooked procedures could lead to dire consequences.

Most people do not know the legal procedures necessary for estate planning; it goes far beyond a will. There is a complicated world of estate taxes, beneficiaries, assets, and properties that a family must consider when planning one’s estate. Because of the accessibility of the internet, it is certainly tempting to fill out a form on a website to attend to one’s estate. It seems cheaper and less complicated, but if the tiniest mistake is made and something is missed, which is often the case when filling out a broad and vague online legal document, estate planning can get more expensive and time consuming than the original intention.

Is It Okay to Estate Plan Online?

According to most lawyers, if you are single and do not have much money or assets, then an online estate plan may be the right thing to do. It is better to have a plan than none, but this is not the case for most individuals. Many people have children, spouses, multiple beneficiaries, and multiple assets. These all must be in consideration when planning your estate. Having professional help, in any complicated situation, is an absolute must, especially when planning for the future.

Online forms may have the legal language needed in the event you pass away but filling out a form does not answer the necessary questions needed to plan an estate. Many states have specific laws, and online forms may not apply to the state you are in as they are universal forms and do not handle each person individually.

More Dangers of Online Estate Planning

Mistakes are expected to be made when performing a task you do not have knowledge of. According to multiple estate lawyers, they see these mistakes pile up when people plan their estate online, and the consequences are usually dire and must be fixed. For example, estate taxes can get complicated and require the guidance of a seasoned attorney.

Most states even require an uninterested witness present when you sign your will, so filling out an online form by yourself would be considered void. Other instances, even a missed signature or a line left blank, could void the whole process. In most cases, people who filled out these forms online will often forget to update them when considering a newly acquired property or insurance plan. Failure to update even the smallest aspect of a will has extended the estate planning process, raised expenses, and complicated matters even further. These consequences most likely lead to hiring a lawyer to help remedy the situation.

Brooklyn Elder Law Attorneys at Korsinsky & Klein, LLP Help Clients Properly Plan Estate Matters

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